Resolve Buster’s 5 Steps To Motivate Yourself and Complete Your To-Do List

by Connecting Hope on Feb 16, 2022

Resolve Buster’s 5 Steps To Motivate Yourself and Complete Your To-Do List
Cute Animated Character Resolve Buster


It can be hard to find the motivation sometimes to make and stick to a to-do list. Things like work, school, and family events can soak up time and energy, making it so easy to just say “I’ll get to it next time”.

But with 5 simple steps, you can keep your mind focused and working towards your to-do list. Our guide on this journey is Resolve Buster, our super cute mascot who is always motivated to capture his nemesis, Unfinished Business.


Unfinished Business becomes Fulfilled Will 


  1. Write Out A Complete List
Resolve Buster says that it may be tempting to write out your to-do list as you go, adding items as you see fit, but that could backfire too. By sitting down and writing a complete list, you’ll have a greater grasp on everything that you need to do.


  1. Build Momentum

Once your list is ready, start with the easiest items on your list and go from there. Resolve Buster begins his hunt for Unfinished Business by starting with smaller clues on his whereabouts. This will give you motivation and satisfaction from completing tasks, and make your list seem smaller as you go.


  1. Look At The Results

A key element of motivation is maintaining momentum as you power through your tasks. These small bits of completion make your task seem that much smaller, giving you the mental mindset needed to keep going. But it’s also good to take the time to stop on occasion and take a deeper look into what you’ve been doing. By that, we mean really analyzing what you’ve accomplished, what it means to you, and reflecting on the satisfaction of getting closer to your goal. By taking small steps and tracking his progress towards catching Unfinished Business, Resolve Buster can keep himself motivated and on the chase!


  1. Keep Your Eye On The Prize

As you tabulate the smaller complete tasks in your mind, try and balance that against the overall picture. Are you 20% closer to your goal? 70% closer? As you imagine what the finished to-do list will do for you, you’ll find it easier to keep going knowing that you’re closer and closer to your goal.


  1. Keep Your Energy Up

It’s always difficult to focus and work harder when you’re tired. Resolve Buster is a natural ball of energy and even he likes to get a nap in before chasing Unfinished Business! If you have a goal, it’s always easier to keep going if you have the energy. This can be both mental and physical, affecting by getting proper sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising when you can. It all adds up!


Resolve Buster chases after Unfinished Business 


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