Unfinished Business' Favorite Snack - Procrastinator Variety Pack! What's Your Favorite?

by Connecting Hope on Mar 22, 2022

Unfinished Business' Favorite Snack - Procrastinator Variety Pack! What's Your Favorite?


Unfinished Business is my name, and I sure do love to procrastinate. Resolve Buster is trying to capture me, but I don’t want to be fulfilled! I like eating my favorite snack, “Procrastinator,” which has helped me to stay away from Resolve Buster. I think I can get away from him if I continue to eat my trusty snacks! Each Procrastinator has different flavors giving me a different type of procrastination. I like to have a variety, so I don’t do any work and be completed in many different ways! Let I, Unfinished Business, tell you what each flavor entails:

Perfectionist: The flavor of this chip gives me the taste of being perfect with all my work! If I eat this, I always want my work to be 100% perfecto! Eating the Perfectionist chip flavor, I procrastinate based on wanting to have everything perfect with no mistakes. When I eat this chip flavor, I have some high standards that can be far-fetched, so I often either do not even start a thing or I end up putting it off. I can never finish my work on time with these chips  - that’s perfect for Unfinished Business!

  • When to eat the Perfectionist flavor? When I come up with a start date, an end date, and a tangible measure where I can feel satisfied – that will help me accomplish things. So that’s the time for me to eat the Perfectionist snack NOT TO!

Latest Trender: These chips have a chicken flavor to them, but are so tasty! It’s a great way to manifest new ideas, but sometimes I create too many, and I can never complete any tasks – Score for Unfinished Business! I have tons of great ideas because of these chips, and I can lose track of my time and leave things unfinished. I think Resolve Buster should try these chips; he will only keep getting new ideas on how to come after me but never complete any and leave me unfulfilled!

  • When to eat the Latest Trender flavor? When I write down all my new ideas and organize my time to sit down and go over if any of them aligns with my goals, that will help me triage what to prioritize and implement first to achieve those goals. That’s the time for me to open a bag of the Latest Trender NOT TO!

Overscheduler: These chips have a sour cream and onion type of taste to them, but what’s even great about them is their jumbo size! Eating them gives me time to think, and when I think, I get inspired by booking my entire schedule! That way, I don’t have to work on any tasks needed – I am simply too busy with scheduling and doing not needed tasks.

  • When to eat the Overscheduler flavor? When I start reflecting and asking myself, “why am I always busy?” and “what am I busy for?” – that will help me identify a reason I am overscheduling myself and what I am not accomplishing. That’s the moment I will take the Overscheduler snack again and avoid myself from being achieved!

Self-Blamer: These chips taste like barbeque and a tad bit spicy! Every time I eat these chips, I blame myself for eating them, but they’re so good. These chips turn me into a self-blamer where I begin to have an inner critic and have negative self-talk that distracts and prevents me from completing tasks.

  • When to eat the Self-Blamer flavor? When I take breaks and have some “me time” that allows myself to decompress and recharge, it alleviates self-blaming and negative self-talk and helps me focus to get things done with a clearer mind. I eat the Self-Blamer flavor to be burned out and never get recharged, so I will not be accomplished or fulfilled!

It can be easy to become the ultimate procrastinator like Unfinished Business. However, if you want to compliment your procrastinator side, check out our Procrastinator collection that helps you break your procrastinating tendencies and habits by identifying which flavor your favorite is – translation: by learning why you are procrastinating? In fact, collect all four (4) flavors as a cute and fun reminder to overcome any procrastination with fulfilled spirits!

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