Connecting-Hope Unfinished Business

Name: Unfinished Business
Nickname: UB
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Genderless
Universe: Eve Galaxy
Species: Thought Alien
Appearance: Semi-transparent grey with large eyes and short antennas
Hobbies: Being lazy, Procrastinating
Likes: Running away from Resolve Buster
Dislikes: Putting in effort
Skills: Can pop-up whenever there is a task not finished
Bio: This little alien is Unfinished Business, or "UB" for short. He is very lazy and enjoys using his super speedy powers to zip in and out of people's lives at the first sign of work being involved. His tiny stature and almost invisible hue makes him almost impossible to catch.

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Connecting-Hope Resolve Buster

Name: Resolve Buster
Nickname: Buster
Birthday: November 20
Gender: Boy
Universe: Eve Galaxy
Species: Space Pup
Appearance: Small body with large ears, short but very fast legs
Hobbies: Transforming UB into Fulfilled Will with the Effort Machine
Likes: Checking off finished tasks, Fresh spacesuits
Dislikes: Procrastinating
Skills: Super speedy and being super cool
Bio: Resolve Buster is a seasoned UB Hunter that always gets the job done. His fluffy ears can pick up the sound of UB from miles away! Although Buster is on the smaller side, he moves his little legs as fast as he can to catch UB every time he escapes.

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Connecting-Hope Fulfilled Will

Name: Fulfilled Will
Nickname: None
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Genderless
Universe: Eve Galaxy
Species: Happy Thought Alien
Appearance: Heart shaped antennas with a large smile
Hobbies: Cheering on Resolve Buster as he chases other UBs
Likes: Cleaning the Effort Machine
Dislikes: Being compared to Unfinished Business
Skills: Always has a smile on face

Bio: UB's completed form, and best friend of Resolve Buster - Fulfilled Will is a happy alien that gives joy to whoever he is near. Fulfilled Will is always by Resolve Buster's side to thank him for putting UB through the Effort Machine to make life much more meaningful.

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