Regular Vs Ring-Spun Cotton – Which Is Better?

by Connecting Hope on Dec 22, 2021

Regular Vs Ring-Spun Cotton – Which Is Better?

Ring Spun Cotton vs Cotton

When shopping for clothes online, it can be difficult to tell what the fabric will look or feel like. It’s always important to select fabrics that are comfortable and gentle to the skin but are you correctly picking the the best clothes fabric that you can?

You might have seen clothes that are “regular” cotton construction and some that are Ring-Spun Cotton. So what is the difference between regular and ring-spun cotton? In a nutshell, ring-spun cotton is softer, higher quality and feels softer. 

The yarn that is created for Ring-Spun Cotton is spun in a way that produces stronger, longer strands that are soft, extremely durable and free from the rough texture of standard raw cotton. The process of continuously spinning, twisting, and thinning the cotton strands is what yields long, soft strands. Additionally, during this process, the threads are compacted in a way that produces a very strong and durable material. 

The end result of Ring-Spun Cotton is a fabric that is softer and more durable than regular cotton, while feeling heavier to the touch. The soft, premium feel is what makes Ring-Spun Cotton gentler towards your skin and yet more durable to stand up to repeat washing and cleaning.


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If you value all-day comfort and a more durable construction, then Ring-Spun Cotton should be your first choice. Here at ConnectingHope, we offer a wide selection of apparel made using Ring-Spun Cotton including our Unfinished Business Becomes Fulfiled Will T-Shirt and Fulfilled Will embroidered T-Shirts.

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