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Unfinished Business and Resolve Buster

by Connecting Hope on Nov 29, 2021

Unfinished Business and Resolve Buster
Connecting-Hope Let's Close to Open Story

Hello ConnectingHope fans! It’s now December and everyone’s favorite month of the year is upon us. December is synonymous with Christmas, the end of the year, and the holiday season. All year long, if mention is made of the twelfth month of the year, it conjures images of snowy landscapes, cozy homes, holiday treats, family get-togethers, and well-deserved breaks.

And it’s that same energy and feeling of year-end closure that we’ve encapsulated with the first of our monthly series of character mascots. Unfinished Business is our resident mischief alien who represents all the wishes, chores, tasks, and personal improvements that we didn’t get to this year.

Chasing it is the playful and focused Resolve Buster, whose job is to catch Unfinished Business and turn them into Fulfilled Will. This helps us all cross off our to-do lists and end 2021 on a strong note, ready for January and the start of the new year.

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